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Important information... Become a Patron!

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

Good day dear fan of my art.

Here is a fragment of my new oil painting.

I have an important information to your attention.

Since recent years creating of art has been occupying the most part of my time and it is still the only way for me to earn a living.. I am still very committed to continue make my art but the process requires as time and full concentration over my creativity as well as money to buy all the materials I need ( buying clay and art glass, good quality oil paints, acrylics, under and overglaze paints, glazes and lusters that contain gold... and maintaining on the ceramic kiln ... as well as the bills for electricity) and simply for my living.

I'd be glad to get your support as a benefactor to my art.

Hence I opened my Patreon page:

Since today all updates of my art : fresh videos of artworks "in progress" and photos and videos of my completely finished artworks will be posted at first on my Patreon page.

In my turn I'll be glad to suggest you some benefits and gifts in gratitude to your support!

Anyway visit my Patreon page to find out more!

My hugs and gratitude for your attention,


Alex Gordenkov.

P.S. As a gesture of my appreciation for your support I offer full access to all published materials for every my patrons none-depending of his tier during the first month of working my Patreon page ( since 3 of July).

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