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  • Do all the artworks on this website are original?
    Yes, it's so. We provide our buyer the certificate of authenticity of the artwork which will be arrived to him in the same crate/ carton box with the item he bought.
  • Are your sculptures original artworks or they are mass produced copies? Could you make a copy of the sculpture I like?
    Every one of my sculptural artworks is unique. I make every sculpture from scratch. It means I do not use molded clay bodies or parts of bodies. When you buy my sculpture you buy and pay for the unique artwork which provided by a certificate of authentacity as an original artwork. I can not make an exact copy any of my sculptures.It is not possible because of the clay method sculpting I use to create my works... but we could discuss an opportunity of creating a new sculpture especially for you which would be based on the artwork made by me earlier. Then we should talk with you about comossion and conditions for realization of this comission.
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