NSFW WARNING 

The website contains images of artworks that display the naked male form. You may also see images of naked men doing sex. 
If you over 18 you are very welcome to visit all the sections of the website and we hope you'll get enjoy of it.
If you are under 18, then you should leave  the website... please do it.


Contents warning:  Some sculptural or brush-painted art content of our Web Site may be of an adult nature and  include nudity and is not intended for minors. Such content extends to a wide range of our art  and may include nudity or other graphic  content that some people may consider offensive. If you allow a minor to use your computer, it is your responsibility to determine whether any of the services, content and subject matter displayed on this Web Site is inappropriate for a minor, and to control the minor´s use of the computer accordingly. If you yourself find offensive content of the type referred to above, please refrain from using this Web Site. We do not participate in any debate on these issues and any attempt at dialogue with us on these issues will be fruitless and ignored, as we insist on our artistic integrity.

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