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Novelties in the art shop

Hi guys.

Return to you with some news about novelties in the art shop about which you maybe don't know.

Firstly, it a new vase which was finished the last week . "Marlelador" vase in the black clay, hand painted with the underglaze paints and covered transparent glaze.

This section "SALE" of our art shop has been added a three vases. Yes, these things had some problems and needed to be repaired but they are still artworks and we offer to buy them with a good discount. Visit to see more photos and short videos of the vases -

Well, it's the main updates for today.

Remind you: if you are subscribed for mailing - check up your spam folder of mailbox... unfortunately we continue get info from people that they don't get our mailings but then found out them in Spam folder.. Sadly



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